17e léger Musicians now on hold until February :0(

Oh deary me!  Looks like the band has to wait until February for the next update. This is all due to a rather rushed tournament army being put together and painted. The gauntlet has been thrown down and I’ve got 14 days to assemble and paint my Epic Armageddon army…….(gulp)

For those who fancy taking a peek at this madness, the blog is called – Wargamerama, link is in the right hand links menu.


17e léger Musicians on hold for Christmas break

Yup, as the festive season is upon us and lots of things to do (nothing to do with miniatures or wargaming though) I’m going to have to leave the band for the moment and get back to them in the New Year.  These boys will probably be glad of the rest , putting their feet up, enjoying the grog and eating plenty of mince pies (whilst playing renditions of all the Christmas tunes no doubt).

Anyway, I’d like to wish anyone who reads this blog a Merry Christmas and hope to catch up again soon (mid January I reckon)


17e léger Musicians – Update 8

  • Applied Ogryn flesh ink to the yellow tunics to give them a lovely orangey shade. Once dry, highlighted with lighter shades of Sunburst yellow/Vallejo Deep Yellow.
  • Highlighted the trousers with Vallejo Andrea blue and added more white as required.
  • Applied a thin wash of Dark Prussian Blue paint to the drums. Once dry highlighted in the same way as the trousers. Applying white to the drum cords and white to the drum skins (these will eventually be a yellowy colour)
  • Touched up the red on the tunics.
  • Painted the epaulettes tassels white with a red finish.
  • Painted the greatcoat (on shoulders of Drum Major and Clarinet player and on backpacks of the majority of the band) a bluey/grey, applied black ink then highlighted with light grey.
  • Backpack washed with black ink. Backpack straps painted in white.
  • Finally, added small steel rods to the bass drum (to act as drum cords) and a loop of wire around the drummers neck. Not sure if this looks right though.

Not finished yet ….

17e léger Musicians – Update 7

It’s been a while since the last update but finally had a chance to get back to the band….

Since the last update I’ve finished applying the base colours (apart from the plumes).  Unfortunately my models don’t have the correct headgear (czapka’s) so I thought I’d try and make the shakos look as close as they could to the fancy Polish style headgear. In the end I settled on yellow, with white tassels and red banding on top.

Once I’d painted the Jingling Jonny,  I couldn’t help thinking that he looked like he worked on a building site or road works, all because of that bloomin yellow waistcoat!   Therefore one of the first things to do in the next update will be to  reverse the colours scheme.  Finally the instruments were given a base coat of black then painted with a mix of brazen brass and shining gold.

Till the next update…..

17e léger Musicians – Update 6

Quick update…

Both French and British troops fighting in the Peninsular War suffered from a serious lack of equipment, rations and uniforms (especially lack of shoes).  To emulate this,  I hope that once my French army is finished, the common French blue and white will be broken up with splashes of deep reds and browns (Spanish/Portuguese local cloth).

However…when it comes to this marching band, I’ve decided to paint them in full dress uniform!  Why? Well, just because I want to. Simple as that! I could always add the customary mud/grime later on before varnishing.

Apparently regiment  musicians (in most armies during the Napoleonic wars)  were quite competitive about outdoing the competition when it came to colourful and showy uniforms. However, the 17th léger musicians went that extra step (and expense to boot) to outdo their rivals. That appealed to me :0) Therefore, bright colours were the order of the day. With that, here’s the start of the base colours for what will eventually be the 17th léger in their 1809 – 1812 full dress unform.

More to follow soon…

17e léger Musicians – Update 5

After what seemed like an eternity in limbo, I finally got back to working on the band. First and foremost was to paint the base colour with graveyard earth.

Step 1. Base colour

Step 2. Drybrush.

I wanted a cracked/ scorched earth look to resemble the ground during the hot summer months in Spain/Portugal.

Step 3: A few basic colours added.

Black base colour for shoes (red leather/brown will be added later), dark blue for trousers and flesh tone added.

Haven’t quite decided what colours to paint the Jingling Johnny yet so have left him for the moment. P.s, I’ll eventually lighten the band’s dark blue trousers as they look rather like jeans at the moment :0)

More to follow very very soon (note added 15th November 2011)

Two ships ahoy..then a fleet on the horizon!

This morning I got round to assembling and undercoating the British and French 2nd rate ships from Warrior Miniatures.  However, my painting plans were put on hold as a couple of timely parcels dropped through the letter box. A box full of Warrior ships along with bases from Rathbone Games. Nice timing indeed!

 Above are the the two ships I started to paint in the morning before I was ‘rudely’ interrupted.  A French 2nd rate (left) and British 2nd rate ships of the line. Note the miniatures are temporarily mounted on paint pots glued to bases to help handling during painting.

In the photos above are:  x4 3rd rates (for use as British and French, x2 British Frigates, x2 French Frigates and finally x2 French Schooners. Really pleased with the quick delivery and friendly service from Warrior. Other miniature companies take note.

In addition to the miniatures, another parcel arrived in the form of bases from Rathbone Games (via their ebay webstore). Prior to ordering, I checked the Rod Langton website for the  1/1200 scale bases and ordered these sizes from Rathbone instead.

Packs present above are: 40x65mm (frigates), 40x75mm (3rd rates), 40x85mm (3-deckers) and finally 50x20mm (unrated). 

Opening the packs, the waft of seared wood hit my nostrils. From the smell of things I can imagine that these were laser only a few days ago. Quite like it actually, reminds me of the smell of wood mills whilst  taking walks in Scotland.. Anyway,excuse my mind wandering, back to the pictures….

Above: To give you an idea of how the ships will look on their bases.

From Left to right. First base will be for the 1st & 2nd rate ships (ships currently being undercoated, hence why empty base above), second base is for the 3rd rate, third base for the frigates and last base intended for the schooners.

So, with a massive project ahead of me, I have to keep focused. First of all I’ll just concentrate on the two 2nd rate ships. For the time being however, I think I have quite a few Napoleonic units that are vying for attention…