17e léger Musicians – Update 10 Finished!

Here we go, the 17e léger marching band all finished and ready to strike up a tune or two.

Overall, I’m reasonably pleased with how the band  look on the wargames table, but unfortunately they don’t stand up so well when photographed in isolated groups. However, they do the job that they were intended for and that’s to add a bit of fun and contrast to the standard French blue on the field of battle.

Next task, to work on a few characters for the French army….

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6 responses to “17e léger Musicians – Update 10 Finished!

  1. Awesome! Good to see this unit finished at last. It turned out great!

    • Thanks Jonathan. These guys were put on the back burner time and time again, so it’s nice to finally get round to completing them. Now, roll on the next project………..

  2. Late to say job well done…… Soon to pass around the wine. With your permission, I plan to picture your band on a Battle of Ligny 1815 “event” card soon (check out WR blog soon). Seems the French infantry listened to the 21st Legere band as they started the assault on St Amand. The event card will give them a little bonus for the initial assault… pictured by your band. Just need a good “frontal view” of the band as I review your pictures.
    Michael aka WR

    • Hi Michael,

      Hope you’re well.

      Many thanks for the ongoing encouragement during the band project, it certainly made it all worthwhile in the end. You’re more than welcome to use the band photos in any projects you’re working on. I’ll be able to take some more photos of the band (front views too) after the coming weekend if you don’t mind waiting until then.

      Unfortunately, like yourself I’ve had a long break from my blog (and gaming) due to work etc but I’m frantically painting up more Epic Armageddon stuff
      at the moment for another tournament (EPIC UK) next week. Business should return to normal though as Napoleonic 28mm and an ongoing interest in Ancients (Warmaster Ancients 10mm stuff) and 28mm Ancients painting should appear within my other blog – wargamerama within the month I hope.

      Wishing you all the best and keep your fantastic blog going strong.


      aka Brokenbayonet

  3. Very very nice.

    • Thank you Kawe, nice to get feedback from experts in the field too :-).
      Hope they’ll inspire you guys to produce a 28mm marching band line. You’re more than welcome to use any of my pictures/links to this blog. All I ask in return is that you credit me when pictures used.

      All the best,

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