17e léger Musicians – Update 9

No it’s not an April Fools joke, I really am back to work on the band. Also, considering that the Spring sun is glorious outside, I’m keeping my promise and posting an oft delayed update…

Last night I added the last of the colours and details to the band (including moustaches, drum skins, drum cords and shako plumes in green) I still need to touch them up here and there, but will do so after the bases.

The bases! Hmm, of all the things to do with miniature painting, I’ve found bases to be my nemesis! For some reason I just struggle to get my head round them and make them look presentable. I’ve wasted many an hour trying to get them to look like the images you see on TMP or CMON but to no avail..

When I first made up the band (from broken bits of miniatures found in  my bits box) I made up some custom 60x40mm movement trays (from MDF) to hold the band (who were already based on a mixture of 40x40mm and 40x20mm bases). I thought I’d finally found an answer to my previous basing dilemma’s as these wooden bases were far sturdier. However, one of the main bugbears of the movement tray approach (with magentic paper in place) was that the miniatures just kept on falling out. The band were no exception as they have fallen out from time to time. Therefore from now on, no more clunky movement trays. From now all wargames figures will be glued permanently to their bases.

So, using some thin resin 40x60mm bases that one of the guys from the club kindly gave me I decided to glue them down with superglue this time (no more PVA as this time its permanent!!

That done I had to get rid of the obvious join between the two different base sizes.  I found that using Polyfilla was the simplest and quickest solution to solve the problem.  For now I’ll leave the bases to dry overnight.


2 responses to “17e léger Musicians – Update 9

  1. Horray the band is back! Was getting tired of listening to the stern Prussian military marches…. Needed some French music and wine.


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