17e léger – Vivandiere a go-go

My thanks to Michael aka – Wargamerabbit for the idea about getting a Vivandiere lady and mule to tag along with the (bloody late) band. Parcel dropped in the letter box today containing these  lovely Warlord Games miniatures.

She’ll have to wait a bit before getting a coat of paint though as I’ve neglected the band for far too long. Pressure’s on now  as anyone would think they’re going to be Golden Demon standard…gulp..no!

So, should be able to start again on the lads (band) this weekend. At the same time I have to get to work on a few of my unpainted Voltigeurs –  as one of the guys at the club is planning a skirmish game at the beginning of next month. and we need at least 20 of these guys…Sounds interesting.


One response to “17e léger – Vivandiere a go-go

  1. Who needs voltigeurs…..send in the band. Enemy skirmishers will never have a chance as they listen to the live performance. Don’t forget to play real live french military music as your opponent attempts to “think”. Then finish off with the flowing wine from the Vivandiere….(give opponent several glasses of wine)….and the game is won.
    If not, all will feel happy.

    P.S. I will have to invest in one of the miniature vivandiere myself.

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