Two ships ahoy..then a fleet on the horizon!

This morning I got round to assembling and undercoating the British and French 2nd rate ships from Warrior Miniatures.  However, my painting plans were put on hold as a couple of timely parcels dropped through the letter box. A box full of Warrior ships along with bases from Rathbone Games. Nice timing indeed!

 Above are the the two ships I started to paint in the morning before I was ‘rudely’ interrupted.  A French 2nd rate (left) and British 2nd rate ships of the line. Note the miniatures are temporarily mounted on paint pots glued to bases to help handling during painting.

In the photos above are:  x4 3rd rates (for use as British and French, x2 British Frigates, x2 French Frigates and finally x2 French Schooners. Really pleased with the quick delivery and friendly service from Warrior. Other miniature companies take note.

In addition to the miniatures, another parcel arrived in the form of bases from Rathbone Games (via their ebay webstore). Prior to ordering, I checked the Rod Langton website for the  1/1200 scale bases and ordered these sizes from Rathbone instead.

Packs present above are: 40x65mm (frigates), 40x75mm (3rd rates), 40x85mm (3-deckers) and finally 50x20mm (unrated). 

Opening the packs, the waft of seared wood hit my nostrils. From the smell of things I can imagine that these were laser only a few days ago. Quite like it actually, reminds me of the smell of wood mills whilst  taking walks in Scotland.. Anyway,excuse my mind wandering, back to the pictures….

Above: To give you an idea of how the ships will look on their bases.

From Left to right. First base will be for the 1st & 2nd rate ships (ships currently being undercoated, hence why empty base above), second base is for the 3rd rate, third base for the frigates and last base intended for the schooners.

So, with a massive project ahead of me, I have to keep focused. First of all I’ll just concentrate on the two 2nd rate ships. For the time being however, I think I have quite a few Napoleonic units that are vying for attention…


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