Warhammer Historical Trafalgar rules & Warrior Miniatures 1/1200 ships

Whilst land based Napoleonic battles are really my main(gaming) interest, I recently bought a copy of Warhammer Historical’s Trafalgar rules from my great local games shop (Clifton Road Games) and like what I’ve seen so far…

I’d  read plenty of negative reviews about this game beforehand,  so knew exactly what to expect, (i.e lack of realism, clunky rules  etc) however I just wanted an introductory rule set along with pretty pictures, scenarios and a ship modelling guide. This book ticked all of those boxes.

I haven’t got round to playing a game yet but I like the feel of the rules.  After a few practice games I may even use David Manley’s additional rules (from an old Wargames illustrated issue) to make the proceedings a little more realistic  according to naval combat of the day. In the meantime I’ll use some of the old Pirates of the Barbary Coast plastic ships to test out the rules before taking it down to the guys at my local games club.

I’ve also just received my first order from Warrior Miniatures (see link at side of blog) and they make lovely little 1/1200 scale ‘starter’ ships for 18th/19th Century naval battles. I’ll get started on these once I finish my 28mm French marching band.

Whilst the ‘purists’ out there say that these aren’t in the same league as Langton, GHQ, Skytrex etc they do the job for the money that you pay for. Therefore, ideal models for someone starting out in Napoleonic naval wargaming for the first time.


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